$325,000 Neck Injury Case

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We have safety standards to protect us from danger. Here's what happened when an institution we depend on, knowingly exposed us to danger. An ambulance company's service technicians maintain ambulances but did a terrible brake job on one of their ambulances. They had an emergency call. Since they were low on available ambulances, they should have let their competition take that call. Instead they sent an ambulance knowing it had bad brakes. During a high-speed emergency call trip, the brakes failed, struck my client's car and caused his neck injury. The company denied knowing about the bad brakes, claimed it was operated safely, the collision happened because the road was curved, it was on a hill, it was a sudden emergency and they were not liable. So I had to prove these facts. 

I found out that ambulance driver and EMT warned them in advance, the brakes were bad. However, the company instructed them to take that emergency call. Whereas these facts were contained in an internal incident report, the company claimed they lost the report and then fired their driver and EMT.

However, I tracked them down, they testified and we won. [A reputable ambulance company hired them both.] I proved the company knowingly sent an ambulance with bad brakes on an emergency medical call that will endanger life. Saving life, rather than missing out on a chance to make money should motivate ambulance companies we depend on. I don't know if they still send unsafe ambulances to protect life but now they'll think twice about it, not because they want to protect us but because they don't want to have to pay out another $325,000.


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Road measurements and dimensions shows roadway vision was unobstructed.


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